Specialist helps patients beat cancer, preserve fertility

Cancer treatment for young women has come a long way through the years. Two to three decades ago, defeating cancer was the primary focus of any treatment, but as treatments and survival rates have improved, doctors have been able to shift their focus to help patients both survive the disease and go on to liveContinue reading “Specialist helps patients beat cancer, preserve fertility”

Multi Million Dollar Estates In San Diego

Ask anyone what makes purchasing multi million dollar estates different from buying any other house, and invariably he or she will reply, “money.” Greater sums raise the stakes and the stress level. Add to that a limited inventory of luxury homes in any one market, buyers and sellers with fewer incentives to compromise, intense competitionContinue reading “Multi Million Dollar Estates In San Diego”

Curtis Lumber Staff Tracks Development Projects, Help Companies Find Right Products

It all started with a sawmill. In 1827, Captain Isaac Henry Curtis built his sawmill on Charlton Road and by it’s 125th anniversary in 2015, Curtis Lumber Co. grew to over 600 employees in 21 locations in New York and northern Vermont.It had $200 million in sales in 2018, according to the company.